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How Did

"Give Your Dog A Bone"

Get Here...?


...that's why we do this! why we do this!


Okay... Some are Vegetarians...

Our site was created out of our overwhelming love for dogs!


We are constantly researching, reviewing and trying new products, and ideas

regarding the overall well-being of our canine partners.


We're here to help educate you on our products, so that you may make healthier choices for your 4 legged BBF, and let them experience a happy & healthier life with you!

So why not "Give Your Dog A Bone"?


Have you heard of 'B.A.R.F.?


I know it sounds disgusting...

but it's not what you think....

The BARF diet was originally defined as Bones And Raw Food diets,

but has since been changed to Biologically Approved Raw Food.

Raw bones & food should be

a healthy and safe part

of your dog’s daily balanced diet.

Offering nutritional, physical and mental benefits, raw bones have been a necessity to the canine species’ well being for thousands of years. And it’s no wonder—they help clean teeth, distract from negative behavior and provide much-needed nutrients.

Choosing the right bone for your dog

we borrowed this Cool video from Honey's Real Dog Food', our British cousins, 'Cause it's perfect!..

( hope they don't mind)

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